Raised on Fred Astaire and the Fresh Prince of Belair and tethered between the cocky and the cavalier Jon Cotton leads a revolution revolving around the hip flicks and vocal tricks of a crooner in a snap back.  A front man doing the frezno in a fedora sung out on D'Angelo and Sinatra.  He can teach you how to dougie and how to drink a single malt.  A live show known for its ineffable class and swagger in a room full of flailing limbs and head tilted shut eye choirs belt anthems with carelessly raised hands.  A believer in sex and chivalry and in gospel being a message not a genre.  From vaudeville, to big band, to 808s, Jon Cotton is the adopted apostle of appropriation who will meet you kindly between Gene Kelly and Frank Ocean on the edge of the stage and the begging of reverie.